I seek the adventure. I seek the life

I can smell its waters, see the rising tide.

I can hear the chirping, the subtle but firm cries,

of the life it is birthing, the opening of its eyes.

There is a love in this life, that’s produced nowhere else,

It is only written on the map of the heart of itself.

Joy bursts through like an untamed fire,

It goes to every place, and consumes with its desire.

Thank you for this gift, of life and love

We will forever adventure together,

My heart, from above.



You are forever faithful

Your hands, they’re glorious and able

With the sound of your voice,

I cannot resist

Your love is magnetic and stable

You don’t leave me where I’m standing

With my hand, you take the lead

The return of my sight, the return to your heart




Lord of all, I love you so

I love you so.

Lord of grace, I lift my hands to you.

Lord of love, I praise your name

I worship you.

Lord, keep me, keep me next to you.

’Cause I’m in heaven when I’m with you.

I am free right by your side.

It is your glory that has healed me,

It’s in your shadow where I hide.

Lord, I love you, you are mine.

You are mine.



Ashlyn Janese

Ashlyn Janese

My name is Ashlyn. I am passionate about learning and sharing thoughts and perspectives.